How was the project born?

SBOMBER was born thanks to Pierluigi Veronesi, an enthusiast driver since when he was 12. Today he races in the prestigious European championship Nascar Whelen Euro Series.

The character of the SBOMBER is the result of all the races and people met on the circuit fiery tarmac. The choice of creating the products was born from the daily desire of growing and establishing connections with the whole community close to motor sport and sports in general.

For this reason, Pierluigi decided to give the proceeds of this e-commerce to the Bolognese organization “BimboTu”, which has been supporting children with cancer and/or central nervous system diseases; this is a useful help for the families as well. 

Why have we decided to donate all the proceeds to the NPO “BimboTu”?

Because every day they inspire us to give the best of ourselves.

Because the real SBOMBERs always smile, even in the hardest moments.

Because the real SBOMBERs are the first to help other people.

Because the real SBOMBERs know how to value the daily little things.

Because the real SBOMBERs know how precious time is.

Because the real SBOMBERs never give up!

Thank you SBOMBER.